Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  lemoer 1a5ae67ff8 docs: add general documentation about vpn protocols (#1330) 2 years ago
  Christof Schulze 9711afaf69 gluon-core: allow multiple domain names for next_node-feature 2 years ago
  T-X b3762fc61c gluon-client-bridge: move IPv4 local subnet route to br-client (#1312) 2 years ago
  Christof Schulze f94a410738 gluon-l3roamd: let l3roam0 interface and routes be set up by l3roamd 2 years ago
  Christof Schulze e724fec260 gluon-l3roamd: adjust l3roamd startup parameters 3 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer 62d8d3e8f2 Update LEDE patches 2 years ago
  Linus Lüssing 84a6f65f02 gluon-ebtables-limit-arp: a package for ARP rate-limiting 3 years ago
  Linus Lüssing 66d4cdf466 kernel: bridge: ebtables: Avoid resetting limit rule state 2 years ago
  kb-light b98956e47e gluon-config-mode-domain-select: new package 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer 0dd03597a6 gluon-config-mode-core: allow returning functions from wizard modules 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer 345a5de861 gluon-core: add newline to the end of sysconfig files 2 years ago
  Martin Weinelt 427c83754b gluon-core: 200-wireless: upgrade 11ac radios to VHT20 (#1328) 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer d61f6a1e85 gluon-core: rename iterate_radios() to foreach_radio(), pass whole radio section 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer ffa5bdd716 modules: update Gluon packages 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer 985d0cfd81 modules: update LEDE 2 years ago
  Karsten f69fbf7d05 gluon-core: don't disable legacy mesh on mesh_lan on reconfigure (#1323) 2 years ago
  Andreas Ziegler 4315ef7a1f sunxi: cleanup BROKEN flag formatting 2 years ago
  Julian 167e1b34dc sunxi: LeMaker Banana Pi: remove BROKEN (#1325) 2 years ago
  Martin Weinelt 42763d21dc gluon-mesh-vpn-core: add public key to nodeinfo response 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer 623faf794a gluon-web: fix access to undefined in checkvalue() 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer 9ece0daa76 gluon-web: ListValue: convert keys to strings before adding to key list 2 years ago
  Vincent Wiemann 273a60fe62 ramips-mt7621: Add support for ZBT-WG3526-32M (#1296) 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer c7ab72317e lede: update patches 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer 87ced3c5c6 modules: update LEDE 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer c479d9160d gluon-core: don't request a prefix via DHCPv6 on WAN 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer 09c2e60cd4 gluon-core: upgrade/110-network: fix formatting 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer 6137169104 docs, README: Gluon v2017.1.5 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer 40efe80c2f docs, README: Gluon v2017.1.4 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer ec532b95cf gluon-web: extend ListValue with optional and unset values 2 years ago
  Matthias Schiffer cfe1bba8ae gluon-web: fix radio button view of ListValues 2 years ago