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respondd Status for Servers

A gluon compatible status script for respondd in python.


  • lsb_release
  • ethtool
  • python3.3
  • python3-netifaces
  • batman-adv



Startparameter for ext-respondd. Copy config.json.example to config.json and change it to match your server configuration. (cp config.json.example config.json)

  • batman (string) (Needed: typical bat0)
  • bridge (string) (Needed: typical br-client)
  • mesh-wlan (array of string) (Optional: Ad-Hoc batman-Mesh)
  • mesh-vpn (array of string) (Optional: fastd, GRE, L2TP batman-Mesh)
  • fastd_socket (string) (Optional: needed for uplink-flag)


Register respondd as a systemd service

cp respondd.service.example /lib/systemd/system/respondd.service
# modify the path inside of the respondd.service if needed
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable respondd
systemctl start respondd

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