Freifunk Hochstift - Firmware-Website (Manifest, Changelog, ...)

Stefan Kloepping a5a69da8e0 sign stable 1.4.0 1 month ago
1.0.0 4f93e27bcb sign 1.0.0 experimental again by kb-light 3 years ago
1.0.1 60497a07cd 1.0.1: fix Changelog 3 years ago
1.0.2 ad2faeb316 signed FW 1.0.2 by northalpha 3 years ago
1.0.3 a6e7dd124b Signed by oscar 3 years ago
1.0.4 d0b65320c1 1.0.4 signed by phimeas 3 years ago
1.0.4~rc1 bfccbd66e7 signed testing FW 1.0.4 RC1 3 years ago
1.0.5 1245dcb322 sign 1.0.5 by phimeas 3 years ago
1.0.5~rc1 b037a87844 signed FW 1.0.5~rc1 by northalpha 3 years ago
1.0.6 344b992277 signed FW 1.0.6 by northalpha 2 years ago
1.0.6~rc1 de0a302deb signed testing FW by northalpha 2 years ago
1.1.0 115048afaf sign 1.1.0 by phimeas 1 year ago
1.1.0~exp20181205 4c3acbda3d Publish new experimental firmware 1 year ago
1.1.0~rc1 ba9caf4c4c adding northalpha sig 2 years ago
1.1.0~rc2 5cc95fbcba adding sign from northalpha for testing 1.1.0-rc2 1 year ago
1.2.0 c93f88f79f sign 1.2.0 stable by northalpha 1 year ago
1.2.0~exp20190118 b608f4a1f3 New experimental firmware 1.2.0~exp20190118 1 year ago
1.2.0~rc1 4e47c979fe adding sig for 1.2.0 RC1 from northalpha 1 year ago
1.2.1 cf6272cd06 Sign 1.2.1 stable release again. Whoop whoop. 1 year ago
1.2.1~exp20190220 76892cbb76 Add new firmware 1.2.1~exp20190220 1 year ago
1.2.1~rc1 c2b11d0d96 Sign 1.2.1 RC1 (Testing) 1 year ago
1.2.2 45ad0cef9a Sign stable FW 1.2.2 11 months ago
1.2.2~exp20190626 83f39cc355 Fix im Changelog 1 year ago
1.2.2~rc1 2c72da213b signed 1.2.2 RC1 as Testing by northalpha 11 months ago
1.3.0 cf54ef5278 sign 1.3.0 by phimeas 5 months ago
1.3.0~exp20200108 a333f9bf0c New experimental 1.3.0~exp20200108 5 months ago
1.3.0~rc1 c36f6bdcae sign 1.3.0-RC1 Testing by northalpha 5 months ago
1.4.0 a5a69da8e0 sign stable 1.4.0 1 month ago
1.4.0~exp20200422 b1a0f9ea23 New Firmwarerelease 1.4.0~exp20200422 1 month ago
1.4.0~rc1 07cd68fec0 Signed 1.4.0~rc1 (testing). 1 month ago
scripts 7813451052 Add some more outdoor 5GHz devices to blacklist 7 months ago
.gitignore 4ad485ae62 Add a script for automatic models-file generation 1 year ago
experimental b7d28ca74c Set link to new experimental version 1 month ago
favicon.ico 563d9b9fe9 initial commit 3 years ago
firmware.php eee6a9bc83 Its 20190215 not 25 1 year ago
header.html e22fe9e14b header: add hint for firmware selection 3 years ago
robots.txt 563d9b9fe9 initial commit 3 years ago
stable 172fa3980e New 1.4.0 Firmware, waiting for 2 additional signatures 1 month ago
test.html eee6a9bc83 Its 20190215 not 25 1 year ago
testing f037bd6f5a New testing firmware 1.4.0~rc1 waiting for one signature 1 month ago