Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Helge Jung d306d068f0 temporarily mute spam lines 4 years ago
  Helge Jung e726df9a30 only rescan peers repo every 5min (instead of each) 4 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 4bc21c85cd Update hostname handling to new namine schema. 4 years ago
  Helge Jung 8374fc30e0 Merge branch 'rollout-status' into 'master' 4 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker 95a3e77752 !rollout-status list <version>: always count inactive nodes 4 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 0f79269b49 Strip any trailing interface identifier currently in use. 4 years ago
  Helge Jung 0a9096ee19 bugfix, I should learn how to python 4 years ago
  Helge Jung de1ddc2cf4 !rollout-status list <version>: don't list inactive nodes, only count them 4 years ago
  Helge Jung a1022621a1 fix bug to have '!rollout-status list <version>' working 4 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 1a78c3ad79 Catch all DNS errors, print IP and indicate that an error happend. 4 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm a7ee4beca4 Update BOT to strip away PTR endings, too. 4 years ago
  Helge Jung 4d606de49c Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 4 years ago
  Stefan Kloepping 95af21d20e stupid copy paste error fixed 4 years ago
  Stefan Kloepping 8ca208e339 add some more fun for the bot usage 4 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm c35b0cbc90 Be site aware when aggregating node IDs of salt output. 4 years ago
  Helge Jung 0145846b03 extend !rollout-status to support "list <version>" argument 4 years ago
  Michael Schwarz 2e772f546a Iterate through items 4 years ago
  Michael Schwarz 40a99d04c5 Apply changes to aggregate salt messages 4 years ago
  Michael Schwarz a50e7e0dc5 Update hamburgs xdata format 4 years ago
  Stefan Klöpping d5b68d9319 updated location of nodes.json from FFHH 4 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 7033854fbf #IchBinEinDummerJunge 5 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 1933ac2321 Re-add removed #. Damn. 5 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 8489768786 Aggregate sender list for cached messages as far as possible. 5 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm b3ebdaffeb Print cached messages before bot shutdown. 5 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm ac4c4194b4 Add message cache and use it for "Peers updated:" messages. 5 years ago
  Helge Jung 7206851ac7 identify uses lower-case name 5 years ago
  Helge Jung 8c9f2e4b77 add "!forget-peer-sshhostkey <node>" 5 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm da77c7fcf1 Remove leading "bb." from PTR names. 5 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 3f9f218e34 Strip away an infra.ffpb or srv.infra.ffpb suffix when resolving IP. 5 years ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm bd02117483 Change resolver IP address to 5 years ago