Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stefan Laudemann 2d0d6c4122 Eases exception handling by decoupling socket reads from file writes using a StringIO memory buffer. 6 years ago
  Stefan Laudemann 6253701ccf Fixes 'settimeout()' problem introduced with commit efcba2c2e. 6 years ago
  Stefan Laudemann 4e93c77221 Increases network buffer/read-size to a typical amount of 4096 bytes. 6 years ago
  Stefan Laudemann 1c3a7f492c Adds new parameter '--report-store' to specify the path at which received reports will get stored. 6 years ago
  Stefan Laudemann 5d80673b44 Changes negated parameter logic of '--do-not-daemonize'. 6 years ago
  Stefan Laudemann 1af2158d28 Fixes wrong use of 'inet_aton(..)' with IPv6 addresses. 6 years ago
  Stefan Laudemann 8ee526120a Renames function 'server()' to 'serve()'. 6 years ago
  Stefan Laudemann ecb9adae12 Fixes long opt parsing as '--port' and '--bind-to' did not expect values. 6 years ago
  Michael Schwarz 32702f242d Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 6 years ago
  Stefan Laudemann efcba2c2ed Sets the server's socket timeout to 30.0 seconds. 6 years ago
  Stefan Laudemann f2374db31f Ensures that the response (report-id) is send back to the peer completely. 6 years ago
  root 9c16bc17eb Fixed path 7 years ago
  Michael Schwarz fd5c35a2a9 Deleted debug output 7 years ago
  Michael Schwarz 37532d66a0 Log new reports to bot 7 years ago
  Michael Schwarz ff3f80d4c9 Created init-script 7 years ago
  Michael Schwarz e92c33765e Create pidfile if daemonize 7 years ago
  Michael Schwarz 9b12c6d56e Hey we can define ports and bind ips :) 7 years ago
  Michael Schwarz 609e586ff4 Debugserver can now run as a daemon 7 years ago
  Helge Jung ee08bde36a make screen output easier to read 7 years ago
  Helge Jung 2504bb6e53 store reports in subdirectory with a more proper name 7 years ago
  Helge Jung 73fae7cb00 don't show report content but inform about it 7 years ago
  Helge Jung b95526b2cf listen on v6 instead of v4 7 years ago
  Tobias 2f00386357 servercode added 7 years ago