x86.rst 771 B

  1. x86 support
  2. ===========
  3. Gluon can run on normal x86 systems, for example virtual machines
  4. and VPN boxes. By default, there is no WLAN support on x86 though.
  5. Targets
  6. ^^^^^^^
  7. The following targets for x86 images exist:
  8. `x86-generic`
  9. Generic x86 support with many different ethernet drivers; should run on
  10. most x86 systems.
  11. There are three images:
  12. * `generic` (compressed "raw" image, can written to a disk directly or booted with qemu)
  13. * `virtualbox` (VDI image)
  14. * `vmware` (VMDK image)
  15. These images only differ in the image file format, the content is the same. Therefore there is
  16. only a single `x86-generic` sysupgrade image instead of three.
  17. `x86-geode`
  18. x86 image for Geode CPUs.
  19. `x86-64`
  20. 64bit version of `x86-generic`.