Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Maximilian Wilhelm 93d526258c SDN: Really remove disabled interfaces from get_interface_config() output 1 month ago
  Philipp Fromme 4d7696ccee icinga2: Add check to catch expiring pgp keys 1 month ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm ed8a2df112 Add Documentation directory and update example pillar information 1 month ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 68a345ef44 network: Explicitly clear NamePolicy in systemd link files 1 month ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 900fd07925 network: Specify driver in systemd link files if known 1 month ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm d294cdf2d6 SDN: Remove disabled interfaces from get_interface_config() output 1 month ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 076aac80b9 batman: Make sure the pkg.installed stanza always has an attribute 1 month ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 61ffa0a480 top.sls: Add states for burp server as well as client 1 month ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 747e4c13b0 top.sls: Remove old comments 1 month ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm d3917737f8 openvpn: Make sure OpenVPN is started after the network has been configured 1 month ago
  Philipp Fromme bef28a1d26 gogs: Replace us-ascii with binary key 1 month ago
  Philipp Fromme 6f195015b0 gogs: Fix repository url 1 month ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 2fd2a0acb4 ssh: Fix salt deprecation warning. 2 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm e4363d2494 icinga2: Add more constraints 2 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 47b4966ae8 Add simple utils state to list utils worth installing 2 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm ad97d6aae2 Remove deprecated state ffho_base. 2 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 70219196cd openvpn: Use system dhparam which are always present (by certs state) 2 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 29dbc240f5 network: OpenVPN interfaces are set up by OpenVPN and don't need to be auto 2 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 64f3d7c8ae icinga2: Check host certificate installed in /etc/ssl/certs 2 months ago
  Philipp Fromme f7c77f855f icinga2: Unite stretch and buster config 2 months ago
  Philipp Fromme 9ddb49aed7 icinga2: Move ApiListener certs to new location 2 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm ec06b1c43a fastd: It's all buster now, no tag needed anymore 3 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 9529e4bdd9 icinga2: Remove unused override file 3 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 017b7c3b82 icinga2: Move configuration into zones.d/master to make Icinga happy 3 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 52f74cb6b3 wait-for-routes: Wait for IPv6 addresses to stop being tentative 3 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 9b42a42bf0 nginx: Start nginx after network is online 3 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm 9b54ea7e2c systemd: Wait for default routes to emerge before reaching 3 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm aa4ba91b58 snmpd: Make sure snmpd starts after 3 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm e5f4789011 Define systemctl daemon-reload command to pull in if required 3 months ago
  Maximilian Wilhelm c2c0dd19ee icinga2: Remove removal of old override file 3 months ago