Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Schwarz 14a8489c0d check_site lua script funktionierte nicht mehr richtig 3 months ago
  Michael Schwarz cf2dc9b8d5 Werkzeuge entfernt, debug-report gibts nicht mehr, autoupdater obsolete 6 months ago
  Michael Schwarz a2521ef8cd Typo in autoupdater-wifi-fallback 1 year ago
  Michael Schwarz 3649b2cf13 Mark ffho-debug as broken 1 year ago
  Michael Schwarz 1f4b29c4e6 With 2018.2 nixio has been replaced with luaposix 1 year ago
  Michael Schwarz 7a9065c79d Remove ffho-ath9k-blackout-workaround, it's not needed any more 1 year ago
  Michael Schwarz 8a7a1ae9ad Fix selection of the current selected site in the config wizard 1 year ago
  Michael Schwarz edf3e32ad0 Kaputt repariert ... 1 year ago
  Michael Schwarz 9a682395af Some cosmetic changes in the makefiles 1 year ago
  Michael Schwarz c3d0e1398b Update packages to work with gluon 2018.1.x 1 year ago
  Michael Schwarz 8614e8b440 Move everything one level up 1 year ago
  Michael Schwarz abfcc63906 Revert "Remove ffho-config-mode-site-selct and ffho-site-generate" 1 year ago
  Karsten Böddeker e737d048cc Remove ffho-config-mode-site-selct and ffho-site-generate 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker ca4cc1b87e ffho-domain-migration: move regex into site.conf 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker 6421ec9968 ffho-domain-migration: in some old experimental firmware versions the 'core' section was missing or named as 'system' 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker b150c1183c add package ffho-domain-migration 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker 66d2e0c2f1 add features 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker 056b797cf3 ffho-web-autoupdater: introduce minute value 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker 050eea9435 ffho-banner: update webirc link 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker b25649c246 ffho-banner: update for new ffho-debug 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker f57f8141ee ffho-debug: update ReadMe 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker 95defc91b1 ffho-debug: rename script to debug-report 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker 15b12db207 rewrite ffho-debug 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker e1205269e8 treewide: remove PKG_RELEASE 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker 8078488413 treewide: use new Lua library 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker 4645fb542a ffho-web-autoupdater: add PROVIDES:=gluon-web-autoupdater 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker 4bac9c2ae3 ffho-config-mode-site-select: remove virtual package 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker da5c897a3a ffho-ath9k-blackout-workaround: fix two additional bugs 2 years ago
  Karsten Böddeker c4c6881d58 ffho-ath9k-blackout-workaround: fix hwmode string comparison and some code improvements 2 years ago
  Julian Labus 788e7e7c86 ffho-ath9k-blackout-workaround: update naming of site section 3 years ago